Friday, June 29, 2012

UofT Twitter accounts

 I noticed that some UofT peeps doing campus life promotion are using Twitter accounts with something followed by 'UofT' or '_UofT' in their twitter account name. So I tried a search of usernames containing "UofT' -- wow, there are a lot!

This link shows you a current list: Twitter accounts with 'UofT' in the name

ECE has a twitter account: @eceuoft

The IBBME (which includes some ECE profs) has one as well: @IBBME_UofT

Besides these I'll leave you to find more that interest you. There are some 'official' feeds from units within UofT such as libraries, departments, campus papers, etc. There are feeds for many student associations including the GSU, ASSU, etc., departmental student groups, charity and service groups, and for groups for students from many countries and regions.

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