Thursday, June 30, 2011

Base windows config

The set of things we recommend for any Windows PC, and which we aim to keep installed and updated on PCs we manage, covers a range of free add ons. Here's a start at a current list, as of June 2011:

  • Windows Update or Microsoft Update - all updates, patches and service packs
  • A current commercial antivirus subscription
    • Symantec Endpoint Protection is free to all UofT users at
  • MS Security Essentials
  • Mozilla Thunderbird email client - currently at v.3.0 from
  • Web browsers (MSIE required; user choice of Firefox, Chrome or both)
  • Spybot S&D anti-spyware - free from - protects browsers
    • uncheck "Use TeaTimer" during install
    • update, then immunize (takes some time) after that it will auto-update periodically
  • Browser plug-ins:
    • Adobe Flash player from - visit in each browser
    • Web of Trust search security tool - visit in each browser and click the button to add the corresponding plug-in for that browser - repeat for MSIE, FF, Chrome
  • Adobe Reader X download from
  • Putty 0.6 - download from sgtatham - copy to All Users--Desktop
  • WinSCP standalone - download from - copy to All Users--Desktop 
  • 7-Zip free archive reader/writer from - reads WinRAR format
  • Mendeley citation manager application and browser plug-ins from
  • Browser setup (in all chosen browsers)
    • bookmarks/favorites for commonly used UofT sites (library, IEEE, ECE, group, etc.)
    • Google Scholar preferences: add UofT as a library for "GetIt(TM)" links in results

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